Superior Chauffeured Limousine Service

Chauffeured Limousine Service by EULIMO.EULimousines and luxurious cars of the European Chauffeur Limousine company are always driven by skilled drivers who have extensive experience with driving in EU countries` traffic.

Whether you use our services for your business trip or wish spare time indulgence, you can be sure that our employees` professional performance will properly complement you activities. In dense city traffic and also during long distance trips, our driver is your partner striving to do his best to fulfill all your wishes.

European Chauffeur Limousine is a company with extensive experience in “business class“ and VIP people transportation, not the city taxi. Check our references and look at our car fleet. You will find out that you can rely on our services 100% at all times.

The establishment of independent Czechoslovakia celebration on 28 October. Members of the state delegation were satisfied with the highest level services.

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